Comet Image API

This document is intended for everyone that is interested in using C More’s images in applications and services.
Please do not hesitate to contact if you have questions or need a new image output format for your application.

Using Comet’s image endpoint to access images

If you want to use an image stored in Comet you can do so by addressing it like this:[image Guid]/[key].[image extension]

You should find the image GUID in the api you are using and the format keys that you can use are listed in the table at the end of this document.
If you need a new format you can just send a request to or contact C More’s editorial department.


Image URL for a 4:3 ratio crop:

Image with a 4:3 ratio crop

Crops and sizes

The images can be requested in different crops or sizes.

Same image returned with different crops

Image URL for a 16:9 crop:

Image with a 16:9 ratio crop

Image URL for a 1:1 crop:

Image with a 1:1 ratio crop

Image URL for a 7:10 crop:

Image with a 7:10 ratio crop

Same image returned with same crop and in different sizes

Image URL for a 16:7 crop:

Image with a 16:7 ratio crop

Image URL for a 16:7 crop with max width 400px:

Image with a 16:7 ratio crop

Image URL for a 16:7 crop with max width 200px:

Image with a 16:7 ratio crop

Image extensions

Images can be returned in the following formats: jpg, png, webp, tiff, gif, bmp.

API response

If an image is not returned within 30 seconds the API will respond with 202 Accepted and you should try to request the image again.
If the image does not exist the API will respond with 404 Not found.
If you are not allowed to view the image the API will respond with 401 UnAuthorized.

Available formats

The formats without max width or max height will have dimensions depending on the original image and the aspect ratio.

KeyAspectratioWidthHeightEnlarge if neededExampleComments
crop16x716x7  FALSE 
crop16x7_w100_h4416x7100 TRUE 
crop16x7_w200_h8816x7200 TRUE 
crop16x7_w400_h17516x7400 TRUE 
crop16x7_w1920_h84016x71920 TRUE 
crop16x916x9  FALSE 
crop16x9_w100_h5616x9100 TRUE 
crop16x9_w200_h11316x9200 TRUE 
crop16x9_w400_h22516x9400 TRUE 
crop16x9_w1920_h108016x91920 TRUE 
crop16x9extramargin16x9  FALSE 
crop16x9extramargin_w100_h5616x9100 TRUE 
crop16x9extramargin_w200_h11316x9200 TRUE 
crop16x9extramargin_w400_h22516x9400 TRUE 
crop16x9extramargin_w1920_h108016x91920 TRUE 
crop1x11x1  TRUE 
crop1x1_w100_h1001x1100 TRUE 
crop1x1_w200_h2001x1200 TRUE 
crop1x1_w400_h4001x1400 TRUE 
crop1x1_w1080_h10801x11080 TRUE 
crop2x32x3  TRUE 
crop2x3_w100_h1502x3100 TRUE 
crop2x3_w200_h3002x3200 TRUE 
crop2x3_w400_h6002x3400 TRUE 
crop2x3_w720_h10802x3 1080TRUE 
crop2x3_logo2x3  FALSE an image with a C More logo on top.
crop2x3_logo_w720_h10802x3 1080TRUE an image with a C More logo on top.
crop4x14x1  TRUE 
crop4x1_w100_h254x1100 TRUE 
crop4x1_w200_h504x1200 TRUE 
crop4x1_w400_h1004x1400 TRUE 
crop4x1_w1920_h4804x11920 TRUE 
crop4x34x3  FALSE 
crop4x3_w100_h754x3100 TRUE 
crop4x3_w200_h1504x3200 TRUE 
crop4x3_w400_h3004x3400 TRUE 
crop4x3_w1920_h14404x31920 TRUE 
crop4x3_logo4x3  FALSE an image with a C More logo on top.
crop4x3_logo_w1920_h14404x31920 TRUE an image with a C More logo on top.
crop7x107x10  FALSE 
crop7x10_w100_h1437x10100 TRUE 
crop7x10_w200_h2867x10200 TRUE 
crop7x10_w400_h5727x10400 TRUE 
crop7x10_w756_h10807x10 1080TRUE 
ultraforge7x2  FALSE 
ultraforge_w100_h297x2100 TRUE 
ultraforge_w200_h587x2200 TRUE 
ultraforge_w400_1157x2400 TRUE 
originalsizeOriginal  TRUE 
inside_w2400_h2400Original24002400TRUE image returned will be resized to fit in a 2400x2400 box. No particular aspect ratio will be applied and the image will not be enlarged if it is smaller than 2400x2400.